Feb 172013

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Mother’s Day Classic 2013

When: Sunday May 12th

Where: South Bank Parklands, Brisbane


 What’s It All About?

The Mother’s Day Classic is a fun run/walk raising money for breast cancer research. It is one of Australia’s largest charity events and takes place in seven capital cities and more than 37 metropolitan and regional locations across the country. Families, friends and colleagues come together at each event to do something fun, healthy and memorable on Mother’s Day.
Find out more information about the event at www.mothersdayclassic.com.au
Thank you for sponsoring the Mother’s Day Classic fundraisers and supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research programs. Your donation will go towards life-saving research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.
Donations of $2 and more are tax deductible.
Deductible Gift Recipient ABN 60 497 761 603


Why We’re Doing It!


Celebrating Angie's Birthday earlier this month. We have been friends for 29 Years

Celebrating Angie’s Birthday earlier this month. We have been friends for 29 Years


I am taking part in the Mother’s Day Classic with my Best Friend Angie and raising funds for breast cancer research. My Aunt is a Breast Cancer Survivor and Angie’s Aunt sadly passed away from this disease. Every extra dollar we raise through fundraising goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. We will be participating along with 120,000 Australians nationwide who are making a difference on Mother’s Day and taking steps to save lives by helping fund the best breast cancer research. You can help us too by donating online Click Here

Click The Pic To Register!

Click The Pic To Register!


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Apr 062012

Happy Easter…What’s Good Friday Really All About?


Yep, it’s that time of year again when I get ready to become the Easter Bunny for my kids who know very well that it’s actually Mum who hides the eggs for the egg hunt and leaves the Humpty Dumpty Beanie Egg (and the rest!) at the end of their beds; this year Facebook has prompted some discussion and a few shakes of the head in our household…


Firstly let me qualify the following by saying that although I guess I would term myself  ”Christian” if forced, I have no affiliation to any particular religion and have quite strong views on the necessity of attending church or participating in any ceremonies of any kind. That being said, one of my Mum’s Facebook Friends blithely updated her status today (Good Friday) with “Happy Good Friday Everyone!”….hmmmm interesting sentiment considering the significance of today on the Christian Calendar.


To Christians, Easter is actually the celebration of Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead after his crucifixion. For those that are unaware Good Friday is observed by Christians to commemorate the Passion or suffering  and death on the cross of Jesus Christ. ie. Jesus was crucified on Good Friday.  The death of Christ is commemorated on Good Friday. Many Christians (not this one I might point out) spend the day in fasting, prayer and meditation on the death of Jesus Christ. According to scriptures Jesus’ tomb was empty three days after his death and his followers allegedly saw him and talked to him after his death. Accordingly,  to Christians Easter symbolises the hope of new life (everlasting life in heaven)  for them after death.


Anyway, the moral of the story is don’t advertise your ignorance on Facebook…and “Happy Good Friday!”?? I don’t think so.



Mar 092012

Are You Creating A Monster?? – Parenting In 2012


At the risk of sounding like a cranky old bag I look forward to the day when kids my daughter’s age (now in their Teens) head out into the Real World and instead of hearing the word “YES” at every turn are confronted with “NO”, something that it seems a lot of them don’t hear from the adults around them.


I have looked on bemusedly as I see children old enough to know better throw a tantrum because they can’t get exactly what they want, and when they want it which is generally RIGHT NOW. God help their parents when they don’t cave to their demands with only token – if any – resistance. What is it that parents are afraid of? That their children won’t love them anymore? That their children can’t cope with disappointment? That their little darlings sensitive nature can’t handle it? Or of the exhausting arguments that they put you through to try and get their own way?


These little darlings are then sent to school where teachers have the unenviable task of trying to educate a child who won’t do as asked because he doesn’t want to…why should he when at home he is never made to do as he’s told and his parents cave.


What a wonderful world it would be if everyone agreed with us and did everything we wanted 100 per cent of the time but guess what? Along with all the great stuff that happens in this world there are also some things that disappoint us. That’s the reality. You aren’t doing your children any favours by not educating them to understand that fact, giving in to them, not encouraging them to finish what they start and not instilling in them a sense that they should contribute to the world around them even in some small way.


I’m not trying to bring up my daughters to say “yes, Mum. yes Mum. three bags full Mum”….and we do have very “robust” discussions particularly between myself & my almost 15 year old because no-one likes to hear “No” but I’m not afraid to say the word if required.  I want my girls to understand boundaries, be respectful of others and their opinions and to grow up independent and to follow through on what they start.


To those parents out there who are creating these Princesses & Princes of the future who feel they are “entitled” to their mobile phones, laptops, spending money, designer clothes all for little or no effort…watch out for the inevitable day when you have to finally draw the line with your spoilt kid and for the explosion to follow. In the meantime you’re making my job as a parent much harder as I’m constantly compared to you and coming up short because their friends don’t have to do this or that, can go to bed when they want, don’t have  a time limit on Facebook…and the list goes on…



Jan 152012

Not sure whether it’s a result of getting older or just my inherent “nerdiness” coming out but I’ve recently been engrossed in my Family Tree. Luckily for me my maternal Uncle – Harold Lorenzo – had many years ago done all the research (thanks Unc!) so we had all the information but I wanted to see if I could input it into a Family Tree template


A Mixed Bunch

My family hails from Cape Town, South Africa by way of England, Portugal & Lithuania to name a few. I was born in 1968 during the Apartheid era and the days of Race Classification and we were “Cape Coloured” – mixed race with all that entails. There were many tales of family skeletons about the “White” Great-Great-Grandmother that ran off with an African and that’s were our skin colour came from….all very scandalous back in the day but with research seemingly untrue. Most likely the olive coloured skin was from our Portugese background although in the days of Apartheid appearance was everything – “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..then it is a duck” mentality.


As it turns out on my Maternal Grandmother’s side (Ma Lorenzo) her father’s family The Dodgens hailed from England and interestingly enough we also have a Jewish arm of the family and cousins that have converted to Islam. Makes for an interesting family reunion!


 Family Tree Templates

Well, many hours later I have so far created a tree with 291 members mainly on my Mother’s Lorenzo Side (thanks to Uncle Harold). My Dad Arthur Read has also had his interest ignited and I’m hoping to have lots more information to add to the Read branches of the tree. I actually used a website myheritage.com to download a free template for my Tree which allows you to create a tree and also creates a family website through their parent site that you can invite people to view and which sends you “Smart Matches” so you can see when a member of your Family Tree has a connection to another elsewhere. You can upload up to 250 members to your Tree but after that you do need to purchase a subscription which is pretty reasonably priced. Even without the membership though you still have access to some pretty cool – well, for a Nerd! – stuff…for instance you can generate reports on all sorts of things. For example I’m in the Top 10 Divorced Members of my tree!!


Facebook Connection

These days Facebook makes it very easy to “find” family you may be missing…recently with just one contact found from doing a search I have found more South African cousins as well as a cousin and Aunt in Melbourne.


Family Skeletons

Once I started working on it there was some pretty interesting stuff going on…my Great Great Grandfather married a woman 35 years his junior (“GROSS!” as my 14 year old daughter said) not to mention plenty of First Cousins marrying First Cousins (I had to double check that one with Uncle Harold! Ewww) as the family then came from a very small town – Kimberley, South Africa. Talk about Karma – all those years of mocking the Royal Family for their  dorkiness which I told everyone was what happened when Cousins married Cousins!  There have definitely been some family skeletons rattled in their closets and I have wondered whether in same cases it’s worth shining the light on things but as my newly found South African cousin Julian says “we have to find those missing pieces of the puzzle in life…it’s worth it”

May 012011

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